Hi, I am Nikhil K. I am a Electronics Engineer pursuing my Master’s in Robotics at Arizona State University

I enjoy building products, so you can usually find me etching PCB’s and tinkering with circuits and debugging my Embedded C code. I also try to get involved with open source projects that are built using Python and Javascript.

I am a big fan of fantasy and science fiction novels, and you can find a few of the books I have read here. I also enjoy woodworking, sketching and hiking.

Whether you would like to get extra information on any of my work, ask me about this site or just say hello, then I would love to hear back from you.

Email nikhilkalige@gmail.com


This is a static website and the static pages were generated using . The site is currently hosted on Github. I’m using Quattrocento, Quattorcento Sans and Inconsolata fonts served by Google.

The source for the theme can be found at . Feel free to tinker with it.